500 Walnut Grove Rd
an Historic Gothic Revival Farmhouse

This site is dedicated to the restoration of the Gothic Revival farmhouse in Essex, MD, known as 500 Walnut Grove. The braced-frame house, believed to be built between 1840 and 1862, is located just off the Back River on Walnut Point. As the work continues, this site will document progress. We also intend to include links to groups which have awarded grants and provided help for the restoration project.
What's New (1/31/2002)

We would like to thank the Baltimore County Historic Trust for their generous grant designated for the restoration of the windows.

We are indebted to Mrs. Grace Robbins, and her attorney Mr. Frank Lidinsky, for providing a great wealth of information including deeds, maps and photographs of the house. Grace (Beudel) Robbins lived in the house from her childhood and was the previous owner of the property.

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